ViroVision™ Rev-A3R5-GFP/Luc HIV Reporter Cells (CUBRC0012)

Product Name: ViroVision™ Rev-A3R5-GFP/Luc HIV Reporter Cells
Catalog No: CUBRC0012

Infection of Rev-A3R5-GFP/Luc by HIV results in GFP/Luc expression in 2-5 days. Rev-A3R5-GFP/Luc is permissive to a multi-subtype range of X4 and R5 utilizing primary isolates and infectious molecular clones. Rev-A3R5-GFP/Luc has no background GFP expression in the absence of HIV infection and is resistant to non-viral stimulations by mitogens, cytokines, or other cellular activators.

Quantity: One vial of 5 x 10⁶ cells.
Progenitor: Human T4-lymphoblastoid cell line, A3.01
Phenotype: Expresses CD4, CXCR4 and α4β7 and constitutively expresses CCR5.
Applications: TCID50 assays, routine measurements of viral infectivity, anti-HIV drug screening, anti-HIV neutralizing antibody screening and quantification, HIV cell-cell transmission, HIV+ cell-derived exosomes.
Freezing Media: ViroVision™ Freezing Media: 93% FBS/RPMI with 7% DMSO.
Propagation Media: ViroVision™ Growth Media A: RPMI-1640 containing 10-15% FBS, 1% L-Glut, 1% Pen/Strep, and 1 mg/mL Geneticin (G418)
Growth: Split 1:5, twice per week. Cells ready for infection after 2nd passage.
Morphology: Round
Detection: Fluorescent microscopy or flow cytometetry (GFP). Luminometer and luciferase detection system (Luc).
Shipping Conditions: Cells are shipped frozen. If cells are not frozen upon arrival, contact Cube Biosystems immediately.
Storage Conditions: Store cells in liquid nitrogen until ready to propagate. Store Infection Enhancment Media at -20°C until ready to use. Once thawed, Infection media is good for 3 months and should be stored at 4°C.
Warranty: Cube Biosystems warrants that cells shall be viable upon shipment from Cube Biosystems for a period of thirty days, provided they have been properly stored and handled during this period.
Safety: BSL 1: Appropriate safety procedures should always be used with this material. Prior to thawing cells, under sterile conditions: Unscrew cap 1/4 to 1/2 turn to allow N2 to escape. Re-secure cap.
Quality: Negative for mycoplasma, bacteria and fungi.
Disclaimer: This product is for research use only and is not approved for use in humans or in clinical diagnosis.
License: PDF:        Web:  Click Here
Directions for Use: PDF:        Web:  Click Here
Data Sheet: PDF:  
Storage Instructions: Store cells in vapor phase of liquid nitrogen until you are ready to thaw and propagate.
McClinden RJ, et al. Detection of HIV-1 Neutralizing Antibodies in a Human CD4+/CXCR4+/CCR5+ T-Lymphoblastoid Cell Assay System. PLOS One. 2013: e77756.

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