About Us

About Us

We established Cube Biosystems as a unique property of VitaScientific to better serve the cellular and molecular biology research needs of the biomedical research community. At CubeBiosystems.com, our mission is to aid you in making discoveries that will bring insight and help cure disease. We understand that our role is to provide you with the best possible products and support in order to help you try to solve the puzzles of biology. Our knowledgeable Technical Services Team is dedicated to helping  our customers find and implement the best solution for their applications by being courteous, professional, applying a sense of urgency, and being passionate about producing sound and rigorous science.

  • Customer Centric:  At CubeBiosystems.com, our mission is to enable our customers - biomedical research and biotech development scientists - to make discoveries that will help cure disease.  We understand that our role is to support our customers by providing solutions that will allow them to achieve their goals.

  • Gold Standard Quality: Through our sourcing, development, and validation we strive to provide the highest quality products.  Sound and rigorous science may only be produced if the underlying tools are reliable and trustworthy.  Transparency is one key to improving and maintaining quality.  Therefore, we want your feedback on the quality and reliability of our products.  Good, bad, or ugly:  We can handle the truth and want to share it with all our customers so that you may make better informed purchase decisions.

  • Convenient One-Stop Shopping: We endeavor to bring the best research products to every laboratory.  At CubeBiosystems.com our customers will find a wide variety of unique and inventive products that will help move their projects forward.  The website is designed to allow customers to easily find and order the desired products.


VitaScientific/Cube Biosytems is located near the University of Maryland College Park campus:

8400 Baltimore Avenue ,suite 302,College Park,MD 20740


Tell: 240-316-3161, Toll free: 1-800-314-3246, Fax: 240-812-1648

Email: info@cubebiosystems.com