ViroVision™ Infection Medium (1 ml) (CUBME0012)

Product Name: ViroVision™ Infection Medium (1 ml)
Catalog No: CUBME0012

ViroVision™ Infection Medium (patent pending) is a unique, HIV-specific infection enhancer that does not contain DEAE-dextran. ViroVision™ Infection Medium works with any HIV-receptive cell line and will increase HIV infectivity rates 3 - 10 fold over native infection rates.

Applications: Enhancing lenti- or retroviral transduction of target cells; Enhancing infection rates of other enveloped viruses; Facilitating recovery of infectious viruses from cell or tissue cultures; Facilitating anti-viral drug screening efficiency.
Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice/Ice Packs
Storage Conditions: Store at 4⁰ C for up to 3 mths.
Directions for Use: PDF:  

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Cat No.: CUBME0012
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