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Hand-held Microscope Images Muscle Microstructure and Dynamics
Dec-21-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

Researchers at Stanford have built the first hand-held, 2-photon microscope that allows individual muscle motor units to be visualized, in a patient.                                                 ..

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Field of View for the IRIS Digital Fluorescence Microscope as it Relates to Zebrafish Embryo Observations
Dec-09-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

Learn about the best objectives to use with the Celena&trade S Digital Fluorescent Cell Imaging system when working with early embryonic Zebrafish.                                                     ..

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Stunning Success for Meningitis Vaccination
Dec-07-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

Epidemic meningitis is most prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa, in what is termed the 'meningitis' belt, an area that stretches from Senegal and the Gambia in the West to Ethiopia in the East.           ..

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Infographic: Mapping Antibiotic Resistance
Dec-04-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

Is the “antibiotic apocalypse” nigh upon us? Discover the countries where the problem is most acute.                                                                .smallWindow{ width: 7..

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Coffee Makers Possess Rich Brew of Bacteria
Dec-01-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

In a sample of ten, home-brew coffee makers, researchers found a rich brew - pun intended - of bacteria. The most commonly found strains included Enterococcus and Pseusomonas.                         ..

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Tired of Seeing Members of Your Audience Nod Off?
Nov-02-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

Nothing can be more diheartening than looking into your audience and watching an advisor or other people you respect start to have the seminar sleepy head drop. We provide some simple and effective su..

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Top 10 Feel Good Songs
Oct-30-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

While music is strongly linked to memory and emotion, there are certain characteristics that can be measured to assess whether or not a song can be a feel good song.                              ..

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Antivirals From Bananas
Oct-26-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

BanLec, or Banana Lectin, has antiviral properties and has been shown to prevent the AIDS virus from entering cells. Unfortunately, native BanLec also causes significant inflammation and irritation. N..

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Possible 300 Million Year Earlier Origin For Life
Oct-21-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

The earliest evidence of life, until, now provides evidence for life form 3.8 BYA. That estimate may need to shift 300 million years earlier. After examining more than 10,000 zircons (hard minerals fo..

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Cell Authentication Survey Shows Little Progress in a Decade
Oct-13-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

There are 9,000 projects with and expenditure of $3.7 billion dollars that use cell cell lines. Yet 24% researchers surveyed by the GBSI think that they don't need to authenticate their cell lines.   ..

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The Tree of Life for ALL LIFE
Sep-24-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

Scientists have just released a first draft of the “tree of life” for the roughly 2.3 million named species of animals, plants, fungi, and microbes. The tree depicts the relationships among living thi..

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A Brief Overview and Outlook on Genetic Controls
Sep-23-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

Could a Cas9-based gene drive help to manage the southern scourge also know as kudzu? Cas9-based gene drives are a hot topic and represent the most powerful molecular biology tool developed to genomic..

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Nanoparticles That Can Evade the Immune System
Sep-18-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

By coating nanoparticles with platelets, researchers at UC-San Diego think they have found a way to 'fool' the bodies immune system so that the nanoparticles are not targeted and are allowed to delive..

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Top Trending Gene Targets for Antibodies
Sep-14-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

Now that whole genome sequence is known, it is interesting to see what genes have captured the research communities attention. As part of our interest in tracking the most widely studied genes, we wan..

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Top 20 Most Patent Prolific Countries
Sep-14-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

According a study published by The Economist titled “Whose Brains are Draining?” , if we rank the country by the number of patents filed in 2012, the list contains both developed and 'developing' nati..

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Aubrey de Grey: A free radical trying to extend life
Sep-11-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

RDr. Aubrey de Grey is a biomedical gerontologist based in Cambridge, UK and Mountain View, California, USA, and is the Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation, a California-based 501(c)(3) ..

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Evidence of Earlier Evolution for Cyanobacteria
Sep-08-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

Shifting the paradigm of Great Oxygen Event (GOE), researchers provide evidence that shallow archaen oxygens contained dissolved oxygen as long as 3.2 billion years ago. This implies that the oxygen p..

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Behind the Curtain of the Anti-GMO Movement
Sep-02-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

A really good article in Slate covers the pros (mostly) and potential risks of GMO use in agriculture; and provides history and context around the tactics of the anit-GMO crusaders.  ..

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Top 20 Gene/Protein Antibodies
Aug-28-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

Conducting a literature search of over 3.5 million articles, we compiled a list of some of the most popular potential antibody targets between 2010 and June of 2015.  The search was conducted utilizin..

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The Slow Burning Revolution of Monoclonal Antibodies
Aug-11-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

First developed in 1975, monoclonal antibodies (Mabs) have quietly changed the face of disease treament and diagnosis.   Today, 6 out of the top 10 best selling treatments are  Mabs. ..

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