Partner with Cube Biosystems

Partner with Cube Biosystems

Why Cube BioSystems is an online market place for ‘gold standard’ quality cellular biology research products.  We bring cost savings to both our customers and our vendors by adhering to one principle: minimize distribution costs.  We believe that for life sciences, web-based product distribution is a win-win for everyone:  end-users, purchasers, and vendors.  We want life science tool developers to do what they do best and most enjoy: develop unique and innovative research tools.  The less time you spend trying to reach customers allows more time for you to invent.  For our customers, we firmly believe that research costs are too high and that you should not have to pay the inflated prices offered by traditional distributors. is an open marketplace that aims to connect developers and end-users in order to facillitate life science discoveries and lower the burden on research budgets.

Our core team posseses expert knowledge about the life science research market and has many years of successful eMarketing experience promoting life science products. We belive this is a great resource for our vendors and customers.  Our marketplace is built to allow easy access to innovative products and informative content, allowing our customers to find the right solution at a reasonable price.  Our direct marketing services enable our vendors to have more meaningful communications with their customer base. 

How it works:

Cube BioSystems Biz Services Web Store: can extend your marketing reach, visibility, brand awareness, and sales by highlighting your products and services in a specific storefront designed to exclusively feature your products and services.

‘Cube Direct’ Marketing Services: Utilizing our market intelligence database, a vendor can enhance their customer interaction and communication by speaking directly to their desired customer segment.

To obtain more information on setting up an online store for your company on or, contact our business development department: