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Understanding How HIV Beats Early Immune Response
Sep-15-2017 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

In an important step towards eradicating HIV-associated viral reservoirs, researchers have identified how the HIV virus hijacks the innate immune system to facilitate its replication and spread, thus ..

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Mechanism of CypA Inhibition of HIV-1 Infection
Sep-07-2017 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

Vanderbilt researchers find that CypA inhibits HIV-1 infection by blocking nuclear import of the HIV-1 preintegration complex.                                                                          ..

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Novel Approach Offers New Insights Into HIV’s Lifecycle
Aug-23-2017 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

Live-cell fluorescent imaging system identifies individual viral particles associated with infection.                                                                                 .smallWindo..

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Protein Critical to Early Stages of Cellular HIV Infection Identified
Aug-09-2017 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU)-led researchers identify a protein critical to the early stages of infection of cells by HIV, offering a potential target for anti-HIV treatment.            ..

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Creating Resistance to HIV Via CRISPR
Aug-04-2017 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

Mice transplanted with human hematopoietic stem cells that have an HIV receptor gene, CCR5, disrupted by gene editing allows the animals to ward off HIV infection.                                     ..

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anti-HiV Drug Screening with ViroVision
Apr-12-2017 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

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Use of REV-dependent HIV reporter cell, REV-CEM-GFP/Luc, helps lead to discovering small molecular inhibitors that block the HIV host dependency factor LIMK1
Apr-11-2017 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

The actin cytoskeleton plays an important role in HIV entry, intracellular migration, and viron release. LIM domain kinase (LIMK) regulates actin cytoskeleton by phosphorylating cofilin.  HIV can gain..

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Introductory Offer on ViroVision HIV Reporter Cells
Jan-27-2017 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

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Why Cube BioSystems
Nov-15-2016 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

We established Cube Biosystems as a unique brand of VitaScientific to better serve the cellular and molecular biology research needs of the biomedical research community. At, our mi..

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Researchers Find Alternative Pathways to HIV Antibodies
May-05-2016 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

The immune system appears to hamper an investigational vaccine from inducing antibodies that protect against HIV infection, but there may be ways to overcome this impediment.                          ..

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Tiny Microscopes Reveal Hidden Role of Nervous System Cells
Apr-28-2016 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

A microscope about the size of a penny is giving scientists a new window into the everyday activity of cells within the spinal cord. The innovative technology revealed that astrocytes—cells in the ner..

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Retroviral DNA Needs Time To Find Its Home, But Insertion Happens In A Blink
Apr-27-2016 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

Retroviruses such as HIV must insert their viral DNA into host-cell DNA. A new study reveals details about the viral DNA's search for an insertion point. The findings could help improve treatments for..

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Punch - Counterpunch: HIV Can Avoid CRISPR/Cas9 Editing
Apr-13-2016 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

A few weeks ago we noted that by using CRISPR/Cas9 editing, researchers were able to remove HIV from stem cells. Unfortunately, a new study reveals that HIV is able to quickly adapt to this type of ge..

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HIV Continues to Replicate Despite Antiretrovirals
Jan-28-2016 Cube Biosystems 0 comments

A new study demonstrates that HIV continues to replicate, even when it is no longer detectable in blood.                                                                               .smallWind..

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