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What is going on with the increase in retractions?
Jul-15-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

It is no secret that the number of scientific publication retractions is on the rise and that there is a disproportionate number of retractions associated with higher impact journals.  Retractions, th..

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Self Destructing Mosquitoes
Jul-09-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

Trials with a genetically altered mosquito, whose offspring can not reproduce, show that introduction of the altered pest can reduce the mosquito population by as much as 90%.  While,..

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Digital Fluorescence Microscope Product Review: EVOS FL and Celena S
Jun-29-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

Please Note:  As of 5/1/2017,  the iRiS™ Digital Imaging System has been renamed as the CELENA® S Digital Imaging System. By Sean Yu Introduction This review is my p..

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Selection of microscope objectives: Achromatic vs. Apochromatic, image examples
Jun-15-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

When buying a new microscope system, it may be difficult to make decisions about the different grade of objective lenses to utilize.  From low end to high end, the prices vary significantly.  Common m..

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Identifying and Analyzing Every Viral Infection from a Single Drop of Blood
Jun-10-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

  Led by a team from Harvard, researchers have leveraged the power of immunoprecipitation and Next-Gen Sequencing to develop a method that can identify every viral infection you've ever had using o..

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6 Considerations for Western Blotting
Apr-08-2015 Cube Biosystems 0

Western Blotting is a common, but lengthy procedure composed of many small, simple steps that add up to a complex process. Mistakes in a major or several of the small steps can lead to a poor quality ..

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